Global Biodiversity Education Society
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Our awareness and education are carried out in Madhya Pradesh as well as the places where we work in India.

Our conservation sites :

We are aware that much of actions harmful to the environment in the area in which we operate, often withdrawn and isolated, are, beyond economic reason and the daily needs of local populations, the result of a lack of education, knowledge, formation. We aim to bring elements of their understanding of the interactions between species, causal links between the disappearance of forest and water shortages increasingly marked, etc. This is to promote a more sustainable management of natural resources. Otherwise, in addition to education of the youngest to the importance of biodiversity, we also work to provide them with livelihood through biodiversity.

Actions by GBES in MP are mainly focused around awareness more to the preservation of biodiversity and the improvement of knowledge on living. GBES constantly seeking to broadcast its messages through different media that are :
  • The films
  • The books
  • The exhibitions photographic and educational
  • Interventions in collages and school These communications are accompanied by an educational component which allows all teachers, school to school, to join our adventures in developing a project in class.
Meeting of biodiversity management in tribal area of Madhya Pradesh.
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